Thursday, January 13, 2011

Ice Ice Baby

I borrowed that title line from an email I sent to several friends recently. Yeah, I'm almost out of original ideas. Sorry.

Sooooo...what have you all been up to?

We've just been up to ice. Ice. That's it. Ice should be in a glass. Not all over the ground.

Sunday it snowed here. Snow in the South is usually a fun time. We usually get a day or two off from school and work and we get to make snowmen and snow angels with that 2 or 3 inch white loveliness. It's usually something to look forward to.

Not this time.  This time school has been out for four days and counting.  Today was my first day back at work and after a treacherous 2 hour slide drive in, I wanted a stiff drink - no ice. 

Right after it snowed, the freezing rain came and encapsulated all that white loveliness in a back-braking hard icy shell. This stuff is the worst.

We took Bean out on Monday to see how far we could slide her up and down the front yard. Bean bowling.    She quickly got bored of this game and became infuriated because there was no fluffy white goodness to make Mr. Snowman.

We tried out her Tinkerbelle 4 wheeler on the ice but she didn't get to go very far. Dad even tried to give her a helping foot to get her going. She was not amused.  "Don't do dat!" 

She tried to make a snow angel. She just looked like she was having a fit. She was not amused.

I am hoping the next time Mother Nature sends her beautiful white snow to us, she makes the evil weather stepchild freezing rain stay home.  My baby wants to make snowmen and snow angels, please. 
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