Monday, December 13, 2010

Christmas tree huntin'

I seem to have taken a bloggy break it looks like. I didn't mean to at all. I've just gotten wrapped up in  holiday preparations. No pun intended.

It has really gotten cold here. It even snowed here yesterday and some today but nothing accumulated. I know if it has already snowed here then you guys in the really cold places here in the U.S. must really be dealing with a lot of snow. I hope you all stay safe and warm out there.

Here is Bean all bundled up on her way to school one morning. It just cracked me up looking back at her and realizing she could barely move.

Last weekend we went out hunting for our Christmas tree.  At the tree farm, Bean got to hold a Christmas bunny.  I wanted to take this bunny home with us but Hubz wasn't having it.  Fuddy duddy.

After all the huntin' and peckin' and selectin', we decided on the tree.  We headed back up to the little store they have at the farm and got some cookies and hot chocolate.  Then Bean found something new she could climb on and took off for it.

Then she realized she could help Santa drive his sleigh.  I wonder if she would ever tell Santa "move over, I can dood it myself"?  Probably not. 

We were almost ready to go when I saw some smaller trees off to the side.  I had wanted to get one that we could put in Bean's room.  I always wanted my own tree in my room when I was little and I think I channeled my inner kid when I decided this was a good idea.  I found one that was only $5 so I started trying to saw it down myself.  After about 3 minutes of that junk, I asked Hubz if I couldn't just kick it over instead.  He took over the sawing. 

So now we have our family tree and a Bean-sized version in her room.  I will try and take some pictures of the trees once they are all decorated.  It's been a week and I'm still trying to decide if I should put some ornaments on her tree or just lights.  From the looks of the ornaments on near the big tree, maybe it's better to go with lights only. 
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