Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Baking's not my bag.

During the holidays many people head into their kitchens to make delectable goodies to share with their family and loved ones. There are so many wonderful recipes floating around the internet that it causes excitement and mistaken baking abilities in people that have no business trying to bake anything. I am one of those folks.

I found this recipe for S'mores cookies and I knew they would be a big hit at the in-laws. All the kiddos love s'mores and cookies so what would be better than slapping both of them together for one mighty fine dessert, right?

This is how they are supposed to look when real bakers who know what they are doing make them.

Property of Cheat Day Cafe.

This is my first batch.  I use the term "batch" loosely.

Not quite right. Let's try this again, shall we?

This is my second batch.

What in the world? How hard can it be to make some danged cookies?  I will admit to forgetting that I was baking anything during the making of the second batch.  Just slipped my mind.  But at least these are starting to look like cookies in the general round shape of cookies.

The only thing that I did differently from the recipe was that I did not have any sticks of margarine. I only had a tub of butter. So I grabbed a big spoon and estimated the required amount. Yes, I said "estimated". A tablespoon is a tablespoon, right? Guess not. I can't believe not measuring out butter exactly could cause this. Paula Deen never measures out her butter and she is famous for her cooking.

I will say that the first batch actually tasted pretty good.  Maybe this weekend I will try it all again. I promise to use sticks of margarine and to actually measure the stuff.  

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