Monday, October 18, 2010

Our trip to Southern Bell Farm

It's pumpkin patch time again and this year we decided to visit Southern Belle Farm. A CafeMom friend of mine recently went there with her son on a field trip and shared pictures on Facebook of their day at the farm. I was sold as soon as I saw her pictures of the "cow train".

We went on a weekend day and had to stand in a long line just to get in. I was told that line was the first one they had had all season. I guess everyone was in the pumpkin patch mood.

Waiting in line is no fun...

Not even when you have a super cute pumpkin hair clippie to show off.

Once we got through the line, the first thing Bean went for was the cow train.  Mommy drew the short straw happily said she'd ride with Bean while Daddy took the pictures.

You see the look on my face don't you?  I was thinking..."time to get better straws".
Bean got to slide down a huge rubber tube slide.  There are no pictures of this because I was so startled at how fast she came rocketing down this slide.  Bean just squealed and laughed but all I kept thinking was "head trauma, emergency room, head trauma, emergency room".  I'm not exaggerating when I say it was fast.  But the kid kept wanting to "dood it again".

Then we took a hayride around the corn maze.  Bean thought the hay tasted good.  Yep.  Gross.  This led to a conversation about the non-nutritional value of hay.  I'm not sure she understood but there was no more hay snacking. 

After the hayride, it was time to ride a pony.

We decided to stroll over and visit the animals.  The tranquility of the day was marred with a reminder that there is true evil in the world.

Thank goodness we found the "jumpin pilla" to bring joy and sunshine back to our lives.

The day turned out to be very hot.  It's not supposed to be that hot in October but I guess Mother Nature didn't get that memo.  So after all the ridin', slidin', and jumpin', Mommy and Daddy were tired, cranky and hot.  We decided it was time to start the hunt for our perfect pumpkin and start winding this day down.

Bean looked high and low, this way and that, under the vines and down this row and up.  She was a searcher.


She finally pointed and that was it.

Our little southern belle definitely enjoyed her day at the pumpkin patch. 

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