Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Men. You can't kill 'em.

Sometimes on this blog I share really cute pictures of a really cute kid. Sometimes I share really great tips or ideas of other really great bloggers. Sometimes I write some really inspiring prose on here, too.

Today is not one of those days.

Oh no.

Today is "How much can I get for my husband?", or maybe "How many fire ants will fit in one man's boxer briefs?". Either or.

My husband loves me SOOOO much. How much do you think he loves me???

Let me tell you.

He loves me so much that he sets his alarm clock to go off at 5 a.m. BUT, and here's the kicker...he doesn't get out of bed until 6 a.m.

In fact, he doesn't even hear the alarm going off. Guess who does hear it?

Yes, you are correct if you guessed me.

He is a heavy sleeper. I am not.

I sleep next to the alarm clock. He does not.

I think he does this to me every day just so that I can have one additional hour saying his name over and over. That's real "romantical", isn't it?

No. It is not.

I will be informing his mother tonight that she needs to step up her praying for him. He's gonna need it.


Holly said...

Anth is the same way!! I am a light sleeper and he's a heavy one and I am always waking up b/c of him!!!

Mighty M said...

Haha! Sounds like you need to get hubby his own room!

Courtney said...

Oh darlin', do I feel your pain! When my boyfriend has to be at work by 5:30, guess who is the one playing alarm clock? Yup. Me. I set it to go off 4:45, with a snooze for every 5 minutes. With each of those 5 minutes, I nudge him and tell him the time. By about 5:10/5:15, he might be sitting up... asleep again.