Friday, July 2, 2010

Water Cooler Conversations - Kiddie Koops

This is a post about a conversation had at my "place of employ". I don't know why I called it "Water Cooler Conversations". We don't even have one here. But you get the drift.

I work for two attorneys and I affectionately call them "My Two Dads". One of them, whom I like to call Special K, has been a step-dad but never really around babies or toddlers at all. So when I come to him with toddler matters, he usually looks at me like I'm speaking a foreign language. I guess to him I really am.

I went to him today about my preschool dilemma that I am facing come the fall.  My current schedule really isn't going to give me much time to get to the school to pick up Bean in the evenings and I needed to begin negotiations with Special K and the Italian to see if they will work with me on this.

Pinkie:  I need to talk to you about preschool.

Special K:  Who needs preschool?

Pinkie:  I doNo, on second thought, you need it. 

Special K:  Aren't there women out there that keep kids? 

Pinkie:  Yes, they are called mothers.

Special K:  No.  Aren't there women who are always looking for kids to keep in their homes?

Pinkie:  Are you talking about that lady in Hansel and Gretel?  That's not the ideal situation I'm hoping for.

Special K:  Can't you contact some churches out there and ask them if they know of any women that keep kids?

Pinkie:  Hello Reverend!  Do you know where the Old Lady in the Shoe lives?

Special K:  There are these women...

Pinkie:  I'm not looking for these women.  I've already found where I want her to go.  I want her to go to the same place she's currently going to.

Special K:  But then you don't get here until 9:30 in the morning. 

Pinkie:  And....?  Your point is???

Special K:  Can't you drop her off earlier?

Pinkie:  I'll have to talk to the director of the school.  I don't know exactly how they do all that during regular school but I don't think so.

Special K:  You can't just leave her there early?

Pinkie:  By herself?  Just put her on their doorstep and tell her to wait?

Special K:  Yeah, well, don't they have some place you can put her that's safe until they open?

Pinkie:  Are you talking about something like a drop box for kids?

Special K:   Yeah!  Something like that.  There ought to be something like that.

Pinkie:  And I'll have a key to it and the teacher will have another one. 

Special K:  Exactly.  This is a great idea!  Why don't they have stuff like that? 

Pinkie:  I don't know.  There could be drop boxes on every corner with kids in them.  You could do franchises. 

Special K:  Yeah.  What would you call it?  You'd have to come up with some kind of kid name for it.  Kid Box.  Something like that.

Pinkie:  Oh, I know.  What about Kiddie Koops? 

Special K:  Yes!!!!  Somebody really should do that.  It's a great idea.

The man's a genius.  I see now how he's come so far in life.


Mighty M said...

Haha! I'm sure it will make millions if he can come up with a decent marketing strategy!! :)

Free Pretty Things For You said...

lol! love it!

Holly said...

Hahahaha.. he really does have no clue! Cracks me up!! I bet the kiddie koop would be a pretty popular thing!

This Belle Rocks said...


Seriously, though...I hope he'll work with you on a bit of flexibility.