Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Pinkie's Picks - Parties I wished I had been invited to.

It's time for this week's Pinkie's Picks!!!

(I'm saying that like I've remembered to post these every week. Everyone just play along, okay?)

This week we are gonna focus on parties! I love parties. Well, I love to go to parties. Putting them on always makes the Partyzilla in me come out. It's a flaw. I know.

I absolutely love this cake. You know why I love it so much? Cause she calls it The Girly Cake! Can there be anything any better? I think not.

I think this would be a great party game for a summer kids' party. (Hint, hint, Amberella.)

The Marie Antoinette Party by Les Chateau des Fleurs is just about the girliest-princessesy thing I've ever seen.

Can you imagine the sugar rush your kids would have after this CandyLand themed party from Party Love? (Spend some time looking through all the posts at Party Love. You'll be amazed at all the ideas.)

An Alice in Wonderland party from The Polka Dot Chair is a curious thing to be sure.  The Polka Dot Chair even has a post on a Lego party.  I do not speak "boy" so you'll have to tell me how cute that one is.

So if any of you are planning any parties like these, please don't forget to include Pinkie and Bean on the guest list!

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