Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Update on life.

Well, my week hasn't gone much better than the end of last week. 

My aunt Be-Bek passed away Friday evening.  Her real name was Rebecca or Becky but when I was little somehow I would call her Be-Bek and it stuck.  She was such a loving woman and she will be missed.  I regret not taking the time to stop and visit her like I should have.  All I can say to that is the same thing I've been saying over and over in my head since I found out Saturday morning is "I'm sorry, Aunt Becky.  I'm so very sorry."  She was like my second mom when I was growing up.  She had two boys and I think I was her surrogate daughter.  I know I was more than just a niece.  And she was more than just an aunt. 

No progress has been made in my friend fight. 

And some people still seem to amaze me, well after any amazement should linger, with their new heights of selfishness.  These are supposed to be some of the more "enlightened" people I know but when it comes to others' lives and feelings, their knuckles still seem to scrape the ground.  I truly hope, and maybe I shouldn't but today I do, that karma will bite them in the booty.  To anyone out there that happens to think they are better than anyone else, please check the earth's gravitational pull and notice that the world does not revolve around you. 

I'm sorry I haven't posted more or had more "in the spirit" posts lately.  I've just been in a funk.  If anyone can point me to the exit door of Funkville, I would really appreciate it.
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