Thursday, December 17, 2009

Happy 23rd Month Birthday!

On December 15th, Bean turned 23 months!

Yay, Bean.

My baby is almost two.  It's hard to believe.  She has turned into a repeating machine.  Even the bad stuff.  If she happens to repeat some bad word that is uttered and you tell her not to do it anymore, she says "Mommy said it".  Already selling me out.  She loves to tell me "no".  She wants a bike for Christmas even though she can't reach the pedals of many tricycles.  She likes Elmo.  She likes "Macky Mouse".  She can tell you what a cow, dog, kitty, and a duck say even though when you start this exercise she will tell you at first that they all say "moo".  She loves purses and her doll Katie.  She is excited to see Christmas lights and will tell you that Santa says "Ho, ho, ho."

Still trying to convince her that Santa needs to take all her "ba-ba"s if she wants him to leave her any toys.  She's not really buying it.
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