Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Christmas Gift Idea --- Rem-i-nisce

I found out about Tabetha and her Rem-i-nisce Heirloom designs through TipJunkie.com.  I loved her stamped jewelry and ornaments and charms as soon as I saw them.  I contacted Tabetha about making some gifts for some special people on my Christmas list.  I can't tell you what I ordered or who it is for until after Christmas but I wanted to let you know about her designs in case you were looking for a great gift for someone special. 

I emailed Tabetha to find out about pricing and she emailed me back right away.  Her prices are wonderful and I was able to cross a few names off my list.  The items came beautifully wrapped and they arrived quickly, too.

I very highly recommend Tabetha to you for her beautiful stamped jewelry, charms and ornaments. 
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