Monday, November 9, 2009

Football practice

We had our holiday pictures made yesterday. We did the whole “sitting in front of the tree” pictures but we also did a casual photo, too. Since Hubz is a huge Georgia Bulldogs fan, and Bean has a lot of Bulldogs crap clothing, I thought he would appreciate some pictures of his “Lil Bulldog”. I mean the kid can already see a picture of a bulldog, any bulldog, and say “Uga”, and when she sees people playing football on television, she yells out “Ball! Ball!”.

So I took her tutu from her Halloween costume and paired it with a Bulldogs hoodie. I think the outfit was very cute. But let me just say, Bean was not interested in having her picture taken at all. Granted, she hasn’t been feeling well all weekend and she just wanted to be held. I would have to put her down on the canvas and then jump out of the way so the photographer could try and snap some pictures before Bean ran right back to me. It was exhausting!

I sure hope she grows out of this “running all over the place and not listening to anything she’s told” phase by next year cause if she pulls this stuff again, I will duct tape her feet to the floor. I’ll do it. Holiday pictures are serious business!!


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