Thursday, October 15, 2009

Under construction!

Okay, nobody panic! I'm really just saying that to myself. It has been a crazy, crazy 24 hours here in Blogland.

I had been toying with the idea of making some changes to my blog for a couple of months. I was on WordPress and had a blog design done. The design was nice but I didn't like the setup of it anymore. I wanted to change the columns, and add some widgets. I wanted to just move some stuff around.

The problem? Well, I'm WordPress illiterate. Yep, every time I tried to make any changes it was like pulling teeth. WordPress is too complicated for my pea brain and I just could never get anything to work.

So I had thought of switching back to the Blogger platform. All of the blogs that I love or envy are Blogger ones. I wanted to be in the "cool club". I wanted to be able to have more control over my blog.

I thought that I would be able to follow simple enough instructions posted by Google to make this switchover on my own. I thought wrong!

If you have a website that you love, let me get ahold of it and work on it and you won't be able to recognize it anymore! And that's not a good thing.

By the time I was finished following the step-by-step instructions from Google, I no longer could display my WordPress blog or my Blogger blog either! They were both lost to me on the internets.

I think I have the domain pointing somewhat figured out. I don't know what changes to my dear, sweet, loving, understanding readers it will cause but I hope you all hang in there with me and stick around during this change.

I think if you already subscribe to my blog through a feed or reader, you will need to re-subscribe. I could be wrong! I'm still researching everything.

In the meantime, please enjoy the fall theme I have here and keep reading down cause you might have missed yesterday's Wordless Wednesday contribution. I am planning on having a new design done for Pinkie and the Bean but I have to take "bean-steps" to get everything done.

Please bare with me!
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