Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Where is Wordless Wednesday???

You might ask "Pinkie, where is Wordless Wednesday?"  You probably won't but you might.

Wordless Wednesday is at home, in my bathroom.  Yep, now that I have joined the cool club and gotten an iPhone, I use that camera feature more than my digital camera.  And this morning, I took my phone into the bathroom with me to save it from the treacherous grasp of Toddler Bean.  Toddler Bean was awake before I was this morning.  Usually she sleeps through my shower time, but not today.  Not the day that I am half-out of it because I have what Hubz had and gave to Bean which she ever so loving gave to me.  I woke up with sinus drippage and a sore throat.  So today wasn't an "on" day if you know what I mean.

But I had the wherewithall to remember to take my lifeline phone into the bathroom so that it wouldn't be found by Bean and destroyed.  I shouldn't have worried because she found plenty to play with in my "catch-all" drawer in the bathroom.  There are now two brand-new toothbrushes that have been converted into floor scrubbers, an old lotion bottle that always was hard to open (not anymore), and some of Bean's great-grandmother's jewelry that needs to be re-boxed.  So basically, the iPhone was safe.

But in my sudafed-induced state, coupled with the clock that must surely be 20 minutes fast, once I got myself together this morning, I herded the Bean out of the bathroom, through the rest of the house and out the front door with no second thought to the location of my new best friend, my phone, and all my pictures for today's Wordless Wednesday.

I feel naked.  I feel cut off.  I feel uncool without my phone.

I hatched the devious plan of pulling the fire alarm here at work thinking we might all be sent home for the day so that I could be reunited with my lovey.  But after a quick search of the office, after working here 12 years, I realize there are no red pulley-handled fire alarm boxes in the office.  I'd have to resort to standing under one of the ceiling-mounted alarms with a lit match to get this plan to work.  I didn't have that much dedication plus it's hard to cover up that kind of sabotage.
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