Monday, August 17, 2009

I shoulda kept my happy dance to myself.

Be careful whenever you think it's safe to do a happy dance.

First, no. I have no idea why my header isn't showing up. I am not good at coding or html or whatever it is that you need to be good at to have a blog. I break out in a sweat whenever I have to go into my cPanel. Oh God! Just thinking about what I will have to do to get it back is making me nauseous. Maybe I'll just start a new blog completely. That'll solve the problem until I break something else. Jeez, I'm dumb.

So yes, this is still Pinkie and the Bean but we're just a little invisible at the moment. Please bare with my dumbness.

Two, I'd like to apologize to the universe, or to Murphy as in Murphy's Law, or to whomever I need to due to some recent happenings in my life. About two weeks ago, I posted about this. Yep, the post about my car, Josie the Jetta, hitting the 200K mile marker in her life. Right before I hit the "publish" button, I thought to myself "gee, I sure hope this doesn't jinx me".

Well, the jinx is full on. Last week I spent some time on the side of the road waiting on a tow truck and pondering my idiocy. How could I have thrown out that big ole "up yours" to the universe like that? I was just asking for trouble and trouble I got.

We are still trying to figure out if Josie can survive this or not. She's a trooper, (well, no, she's a Jetta but you know what I mean). She's been on death's door before. So many times before but she's always fought her way back. Thanks to the checking account taking big hits, she's been able to come back to life again and again. We can only pray for her speedy recovery this time.

Everyone keeps saying "cash for clunkers! cash for clunkers!". All I can say is I need at least one more year out of this clunker. Please, please, please! Don't fail me now, Josie.

Hopefully Josie will make a full recovery and someone will help me find that damned banner. Nest time I go to do a happy dance, someone smack me upside the head.
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