Monday, July 6, 2009

I know it wasn't me.

Have you ever had something happen to you that you know you couldn't have done without an "outside force" helping? I had one on Saturday with Bean. And as soon as it happened, I knew it wasn't me that had saved the day.

We were visiting friends of ours this weekend. They don't have children yet but they do have beautiful glass tables in their living room. These are the types of tables that are a baby-proofer's worst nightmare. Glass tops, sharp corners, fingerprint-showing beautiful tables. Well, they would be fingerprint-showing at my house even without a toddler's help. At their house, they are just beautiful.

I was sitting in the floor next to "Dee Dee", the wife. She and I were catching up and trying to keep the Bean off their stairs and out of trouble. To my right was one of these glass end-tables. At one point, Bean was walking back across the floor to me when she tripped over her own feet. She gets that grace from her mother, sorry to say. But as soon as she tripped, she started on this trajectory towards a corner of this glass table. And I mean her forehead would have directly hit this corner. It would have been bad. Very, very bad.

As I mentioned earlier, and anyone that ever saw me in gym class would agree, I am not coordinated or graceful by any stretch of the imagination. My reflex time is always off. My hand-eye coordination does not exist. But I saw all of this happen like it was in slow-motion. I followed the probable trajectory with my mind's eye and I got this huge lump in my throat.

But as this was happening, I just put up my arms and caught Bean at exactly the right moment and she slid right into my arms and then right into my lap. No jerky movements, no flailing, nothing. It was a smooth move as any I've ever seen. But like I said, I knew it wasn't me that had the where-with-all to accomplish such a save. It wasn't me. And as soon as it happened, I just said "Thank you, God."

I still replay the whole incident in my head, over and over. As I said, it was so smooth that my conversation with my friend never stopped. And Bean just got right back up and went on her merry little way. No trauma, no drama.

I don't want to come off as hokey but I truly believe that God saved Bean from that horrible fall. Or he sent a guardian angel cause he knows Bean needs all the help she can get with the parents that she got. All I know is I thank him for it. It wasn't me. It was all him.
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