Thursday, March 5, 2009

Update on our visitor

I got home from work and slowly stepped through the door with my head hung down again and my hand covering Bean's eyes, too.  You can never be too careful when you're dealing with evil, scary birds.  I ease us into the living room and the next thing I hear is my knight in shining armor asking "what the hell are you doing?".  I explained I was protecting our eyes from flying foul.

The hubz said not to worry because the bird was gone.  Hooray!  Yippee!  Way to go!!

I asked "Did you have to shoot it?"


"Did you have to hit it with the broom?"


"Did you have to call Homeland Security?"

"Nope, I reached up and grabbed it."

"With your hands?!?!  Do we need to take you to the ER for rabies shots?"

"No, dear.  I just got it in my hand and took it outside.  It was really calm once I had it in my hand."

I think he must be in shock or something and not fully comprehending how close he came to serious injury.  Poor thing.

So this is what our little visitor looked like. 

But in my mind, this is what I saw: 

P.S.  Guess who did the clean up?  Ugh!
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