Monday, March 16, 2009

Help a Fanny Out post - Frank's Family Restaurant

I have a new addition to my local changing table search, or as I like to call it "Help a Fanny Out", - Frank's Family Restaurant in Palmetto.  It took me a few weeks to get up the nerve to write this post.  I have been to Frank's numerous times over the years.  It is one of my favorite restaurants and I hate to say a single bad thing about them.  But I have to.  They don't have a changing table in the ladies' room.

Frank's is a wonderful restaurant that is tucked away someplace you would never think to find a restaurant so good.  They offer a whole chalkboard of daily specials on top of their huge menu.  And the portions are so big that you can eat there, at home and again at work.  LOL, they are big, big portions.  You definitely get your money's worth in food.  Frank's is run by an Italian man named, yep, you guessed it- Frank.  I've never asked Frank his last name or really talked much to him other than to say the food was great.  Frankly, Frank is a little intimidating to me.  He amazes me in that he knows what's going on all over the restaurant and he always makes sure that people enjoy their time there and have whatever they need.

I'm sorry, Frank, to post anything negative but I made a promise to call out local establishments that make it a little harder for parents to visit with their children.  I mean, you have the word "family" in the name of your restaurant so you know we're coming.  My feeling is if you are gonna offer high chairs and kids' menus, then you are a restaurant that realizes customers are gonna come in with their children.  Those children sometimes need to be "refreshed".  It is hard to do this in a restroom with no space adequate enough.

But there is no changing table.  If you added this one item, moms like me would sing your praises and, of course, it would be incredibly refreshing to have been heard.
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