Thursday, February 6, 2014

It's Time for a Change

Changes are coming to Pinkie and The Bean. I've been mulling this over for quite awhile now.

I have decided to stop posting here. Bean is 6 now and this blog was originally created as a sort of online baby book for her. In the past I have delved into crafts and the like but I always felt that the main focus of this blog should be about Bean. But now that she's getting older, I'm trying to decide exactly how much to share here. I write the blog but she doesn't really have much say in what I put here. To be honest, I'm not sure she even realizes there is a blog. As she gets older she might not want so much of her life posted up and I have to respect that.

I also felt restricted in how I write. I'm not perfect. I don't strive to be. I use bad words. I tell sassy jokes. I am human just like the next person. But I always felt that here I should mind my manners and that sometimes felt like it was holding me back on the things I wanted to share.

Having said all of that, I've decided to begin in a new direction. I am going to start blogging now at pinkieBean. I know that's not a big change but the focus will be changed. If there is some Big Bean news, I will likely post it here from time to time. pinkieBEAN will be a place I can share thoughts on my life, my ideas, my projects with a little bit of Bean thrown in.

I have imported all of my old posts from here to pinkieBean so that I can keep my standing in some blogger sites I belong to but it is a new site and a new outlook. So please, if you are interested in continuing on or starting a new journey with me, visit me at pinkieBEAN and add that site to your readers, emails, Facebook, Twitter, whatnot.

Thank you all so much for every time you chose to spend a few minutes of your time reading our stories and sharing our lives. I hope to see you on the new path.

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