Saturday, December 31, 2011

Christmas Wrap Up

Our Christmas was hectic as most are.  I didn't get everything done before that I wanted to.  But I thought I'd share some pictures of it all with you.

Bean took part in her very first Christmas pageant.  Well, she KINDA took part.  Her preschool held the pageant in their school gym and it was packed out with adoring parents and family and friends.  Bean made it down the aisle and to her seat with the rest of her classmates but that was about it.  As soon as the music started for the first song, I hear Hubz say "Oh crap, she's losing it."  I couldn't see her but the next thing I knew there she was at our row crying her eyes out.  I guess she got scared with everyone looking at them.  I was a little embarrassed because we had invited Nano and Nanny R. to see Bean sing and there was no singing Bean.    But then the second song started and one by one her classmates followed suit and ran to their own parents.  So I guess Bean was just a trendsetter.  Oh well, there will be other Christmas programs that we'll have and I'm sure half of them won't be as entertaining as this one.

We made a few homemade gifts.  We made snowman crayons for Bean's classmates.  These were a huge hit.  We made teacup candles for her teachers and a few family and friends.  We also made some candy dishes for family.

We went to the Callaway Gardens Festival of Lights and Bean got to meet Santa.  He was a very nice Santa and took a lot of time with her.  The only thing that was strange was that he had a deep Southern accent.  Now, who doesn't in this house but you just don't expect Santa to sound like us hillbillies!

Bean was a huge help to Mommy with all the decorating, cooking, cleaning, and even the wrapping.

Christmas morning was evidently an ode to the Disney Princesses at our house.  Bean got an Disney Princess Ultimate Castle along with a set of Princess dolls.  I think ole Walt Disney needs to send me a kickback or something for all the Princess promoting we've done.

I think she really enjoyed all of her presents from Santa and family and friends.  She plays with all of her toys and still loves to tell us what each one does on a daily basis.  I hope everyone enjoyed their Christmas as much as our little one did hers.

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