Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Teacher thank you gifts

The laptop has been resurrected and I'm able to upload some really craptastic pictures I took of the thank you gifts Bean gave her teachers the last week of school.

And when I say, craptastic...I really mean it.   It's beyond time for a new camera.

I used some lavender vinyl from Oh My Crafts and printed out a design with my Silhouette. The first design I picked was okay. It just took forever to pick out all of the little polka dot pieces.

Found these plain white plates and the glass candle holders at Dollar Tree. I glued them together with epoxy. Then I put the vinyl design on the first plate. I didn't like it. Like I said, it was okay but I just didn't like it.

So I went back to the Silhouette online image store and picked out a flower design. I think this is one of the free designs that came with the machine. I liked this one much better.

Doesn't that look better? I thought so.

Her teachers really liked them. I think the total cost per gift was $3.75. Not too bad.

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