Wednesday, February 2, 2011

What's going on? What's going on?

This week has been a bad one on the bloggy front for us. I have been trying to upload pictures from our CF card for the birthday banner post but that hasn't worked. I usually plug the card into our printer and connect the computer to the printer and transfer and upload that way. I am afraid I have somehow bent something either in the card or the reader slot and the printer won't recognize the card. I could use my phone camera and take more pictures but for some reason my phone camera now takes crappy pictures. When I first got the phone everyone was amazed at the quality of the pictures it would take. Now it seems to have taken on some kind of yellow haze. And yes, I've cleaned the thing a million times.

Bean is off her game. She hasn't been very funny lately. What's up with that? I rely on this kid to give me material for this blog and she's letting me down. The nerve!

I haven't been very creative or productive this week either. I guess that's good since I can't take any photographic evidence to prove any such creativity or productivity but still... All I have done this week is laundry and I'm still doing laundry. Where did all those clothes come from? Are they multiplying? And if they can multiply, why can't they multiply into nicer clothes that actually fit? If I could figure out how to create that it would be right up there with world peace, right?

I have a couple of projects I want to work on and post here. One is a Valentine's Day shirt for Bean and another is some type of shirt - haven't figured out what yet - using some printable heat transfer paper. I am very excited about this stuff.  If I can figure out how to use it correctly, I might can start making some items nice enough to sell in an online store I've been dreaming of opening.

So that's where we are with Pinkie and The Bean. Hopefully, I can get the pictures uploaded and I can amaze you all at how easy it was to make that "tres-prettay" banner and then I can get started on my other projects.

Oh - the winner we selected for the Tiny giveaway has not yet contacted me. If they don't email me by Friday I am going to pick another winner. I hope they don't lose out on gift certificate.

Also, I have created a new blog for all my reviews. It is tentatively called...wait for it....Pinkie and The Bean Reviews! I know that's not that original but I needed to get it up fast to comply with some advertising rules and had to use the existing header that I have already. I'm not much of a header designer so I used what I had. I might tweak it and change it up but for now it's Pinkie and The Bean Reviews.

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