Monday, January 3, 2011

"I lub Santa"

I should have posted these pictures last week so they would be a little more timely but I decided that I wanted to spend my time last week with my daughter instead of blogging. I hope you all understand and forgive me.

I did want to share some Christmas morning pictures with you all. This Christmas was so much fun because this was the first one that Bean really got into. We didn't get to get out and do all of the Christmasy things I wanted to but we, with the grace of God, will have next Christmas to do that stuff.  This year Bean was always so excited. She "lubbed" Santa all the time. He was the coolest person ever in her eyes.

For Christmas, Bean got a Disney Princess (I forget which Princess) 4-wheeler. She loves to ride it. Although she thinks the way to stop is to drive it right into something. But that's probably hereditary though. We can't all be perfect at everything.

She also got a Hello Kitty camera and some Hello Kitty makeup. Hello Kitty isn't retiring for awhile now that she has been discovered by this kid.

I found a shop on eBay that sold Montessori-type toys.  I, no Santa, got her a set of wooden sorting dolls. I asked Bean to hold one up and smile for the camera.  This is what I got.

Thanks, kid.  I see those smart alec ways are already showing up.

She got a Pillow Pet because every single time one of those danged commercials came on tv, Bean would break out in a whole choreographed song and dance about how only the Pillow Pet would make her life complete.  See how the Pillow Pet is thrown off to the side in this picture.  There it remains - thrown off to the side.  I like it.  It's fluffy soft. 

Every time Bean would open a package she would say "I lub Santa".  At one point, I handed her a package and said "this is from Mommy and Daddy".  She looked at me and said "No.  It's from Santa.".  Fat man better appreciate all the props he got from our house that morning. 

I hope you all had a great holiday, too. 
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