Thursday, January 20, 2011

Birthday prep going on.

I wanted to share some pictures of the things I am trying to make and finish for Bean's party this weekend but the pictures aren't uploading. So I'll just have to bore you with words.

I have made a cupcake stand for the mini cake and cupcakes. Bean is getting her own little cake that will have some candles on for her to blow out. At work, we used to do birthday cakes for everyone and one of my bosses used to complain about people blowing out candles all over a cake and then the rest of us eating the cake. I never thought about all of that germ transference before but now it really grosses me out. I want some cake. I don't want germs. Yes, she is my kid but I have been to other parties and the kids always seem to want to touch the cake and huddle over it like it's the last meal they will ever have. Ugh, it all creeps me out.

But that project is finished. I am also working on a banner. I had it finished and ready to attach to the ribbon but Hubz made some jerky comment about the letters looking bad so I want to change them. I got some glitter paper but it's really thick and my machine won't cut through it. So now I have to either get some chipboard letters or find some more glitter paper. Leave it to a man to mess things up.

I have made a wreath for the door but it still needs a bow. I also want to make some big bows to put up on the mailbox so everyone in the world will know we are having a party. Problem is...I don't know how to make those big bows. I have been watching a bunch of YouTube videos on how to make them and it looks easy enough but I don't have any wire to hold it all together.

So, if I can get all of that finished by party time, I will be amazed. Probably really very tired but still amazed. I will definitely share the pictures as soon as I can get them uploaded.

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