Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Father's Day 2010

Bean and her Daddy enjoyed a wonderful Father's Day together. Actually, they really enjoyed the Friday before Father's Day even more. Hubz took Bean fishing at his local fishin' hole. Fishing is something that I'm not fond of because, well, because I suck at it. I don't have the patience. I don't like to be quiet. I DON'T like the bugs and frankly, I don't like fish. But fishing is Hubz' favorite thing in the world to do. He is in heaven when he's fishing. So he asked Bean if she wanted to go fishing and use her Barbie fishing pole. Well, if it's an activity that includes Barbie, Bean is ready to go.

I was invited but I don't have a Barbie fishing pole so I stayed home. Hence, no pictures of actual fishing trip. But Bean and Hubz both came home kinda smelly so I'm sure they had a great time. All I could think about was how long it was gonna take me to disinfect Bean from all the crud and mud that comes with the whole experience.

So since there are no pictures of this fishing trip, here's one of the first photos of Bean with her Daddy and another from a past fishing trip that I was actually tricked into going.  I hope Father's Day 2010 was enjoyed by all.

*Hubz looks very young in this picture.  Jerk.

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