Thursday, April 15, 2010

Well, that'll teach her!

I previously posted that Bean is definitely in the Terrible Twos.  Our house looks like a Toys R Us exploded.  There are bits and pieces of toys all over the house.  Go ahead, rat me out to Martha Stewart.  I don't care!

But as I was saying, there are toys all over the place.  And Bean loves to rearrange and relocate them all the time.  Tuesday night I was in the kitchen starting dinner and Bean comes busting in with her little wagon full of toddler loot.  She proceeds to dump it all in the middle of the kitchen floor.  Well this was not conducive to my menu preparation and I asked her to move it.  I asked her several times.  I was ignored several times.

I finally told her if she didn't pick them up I was gonna put them all in a trash bag and throw them away since she didn't care about them.  She just smiled at me.  So I followed through and bagged all those toys up, marched her to the front door with me, opened the door and tossed the bag out onto the front porch.  I stood her in the corner and told her that the trash man would pick up her toys and take them away because she didn't want to help Mommy by keeping them picked up.

I was actually pretty proud of myself for the follow through and for not giving in.  That is until I opened the door the next morning when we were leaving to go to Giggles' house.  I had completely forgotten about putting the bag out there and never moved them after she went to sleep.  Bean saw the bag and said "Mommy!  My toys came back!"

Ummhmm, they did, didn't they?

I really showed her, didn't I?

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