Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Decorating the Cake

We aren't having her official party until this coming weekend so I thought it would be a fun idea to make a small birthday cake and let Bean decorate it herself.  That way we would still be celebrating on her real birthday and it would be a nice "Mommy and Me" activity.

I baked and iced the cake.  Can't you tell that I'm not a professional?


I bought some pink icing to go around the top of the cake, some candy letters, sprinkles and of course, a candle.  I put the pink icing around the top of the cake.  This part was actually pretty easy to do.

Here's the birthday girl and assistant cake decorator!

This was the end of my decorating portion.  I let Bean blow out her candle.  The kid was fast.  She hasn't had much experience blowing out candles but she sure knew what to do.

*I've retouched the picture to remove her real name.  That's why the icing looks a little wonky right there.


I set Bean loose on her decorating.  I opened the sprinkles and showed her how to sprinkle it all around the top of the cake.  She held out her hand and said with great confidence "I hab it."  Then...

the sprinkle mound appeared...


She looked up at me and smiled really big.  She was very proud of herself.  She decided the cake needed a few more candy letters.

Then we had to do a taste test.

Yep, tastes good so far!

Oh wait, we forgot to put the candle back on.  "I do it!"

Right about here looks good...
[Evidently depth perception is something that comes along later on.]

The finished product!!!!!

Hope you've enjoyed today's installment of "In the Kitchen with Bean"!

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