Monday, August 31, 2009

What can you get for $115?

I almost hate to write this post. Why? Because in doing so, I'm giving up one of my closely-held, private shopping secrets. Well, okay, it's not sooo private cause they have a website and they send out advertising postcards but still...I hate to share it because there are already too many people that get to this sale before I do.

What can you get nowadays for $115? Not much you might say. Well...think again...

This is what I got for $115.

11 outfits - pant sets and dresses

5 coats/sweaters

8 dresses

7 pairs of pants

10 shirts

8 pajama sets/gowns

2 pairs of shoes and 1 toy

and 1 jumper.

Yep. I got 53 items for $115! How did I score such a great find? I went to the annual Fall sale from Consigning Closets. Consigning Closets has 2 huge sales each year, spring and fall. I've been going to these sales since the Bean was 3 months old. Most of her clothing comes from this sale and a few local consignment shops.

This is what the sale looks like. It is held at the Sonrise Baptist Church in Newnan. If you don't live nearby, I would check The Kids Consignment Guide site or The Bargain Watcher site for local sales in your area.

The Consigning Closets sale offers everything from baby gear - cribs, highchairs, strollers, etc. - to maternity clothes, infant and toddler clothes and boys and girls clothes. At the Fall sale, they even had a rack full of Halloween costumes. These clothes are in excellent condition and I was even able to find some brand new items with the sales tags still on. The sale opens on Fridays but we go on Saturdays because all items that have non-highlighted price tags are 1/2 off on Saturdays.

This dress had a highlighted ticket on it so it wasn't half-off. But at $2, this is still a great deal. It looks brand new.

But these pants were half-off. I got them for .50!

I found this Children's Place fleece sweater and after the half-price discount it was only .50.

I even picked up a really cute Birthday Girl dress that Bean can wear on her 2nd birthday and a dress that might work for our Christmas pictures this year.

I think I found a lot of great deals this time. All of the clothes look brand new. I would recommend looking for local consignment sales in your area and taking advantage of the really great prices you can find.
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