Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Yard sale (I said sale, not steal!)

We had a family yard sale on Saturday at the in-laws.  My mother-in-law and one of my sister-in-laws and us.  We had a lot of stuff for the choosing.  The weather wasn't perfect.  It didn't rain on us but it sure was cold out there.  Every once in awhile, the wind would calm down and the sun would peek out.  Those moments were glorious but they never lasted.

I figured with all the rain the day before and the cold wind that no one would show up.  I was wrong.  We had a lot of shoppers all day long, even during packing up and gathering the signs.  We all had a great day of selling and were able to make a little bit of money.

I have to say though that it amazes me the nerve of some people and how brazen they are.  At one point, we had about 5 cars of shoppers show up and there were alot of people milling about.  With the wind kicking up like it did, we would go around every so often and stand things back up and rearrange things.  Well, after this large group of shoppers left, I was straightening up a section and found an empty box that earlier in the day had held a cell phone cover.  This was a brand new leather cellphone cover, not one that had been "gently used".  I had only asked $2 for it.  But it was gone.  I was just amazed.  Someone showed up in our yard, rifled through our things, looked at us in the face at some point, and still decided that it was better for them to steal a $2 item?!?!  What in the world! I just couldn't believe it.  I mean, if $2 was too much, then come up to us and say "will you take a buck for it?".  Pretty much everyone that came up to us with a counter-offer was accepted.  I'm pretty sure I would have said yes to the $1.  I just wanted this stuff gone but I didn't want it stolen from me.  I just think this is ridiculous behavior.
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