Monday, March 2, 2009

We survived Snow Jam '09!

It snowed!  It snowed!  It snowed!  Please, if you're reading this from a locale that is pummelled with snow on a regular basis, don't laugh at me too long.  Here in Georgia, or to be more exact, where we live in Georgia, we don't get much snow.  We aren't even guaranteed snow every winter.  But we got it yesterday and boy, was it pretty.  But it came on a dang Sunday, though, so that means no snow day for Mommy and Daddy.

This was the Bean's first snow experience.  Well, let me correct myself.  It snowed last year on the day that we brought her home from the hospital.  We came home to no heat, no water, and ruined food in the refrigerator due to no power.  That was Snow Jam '08 which was a much bigger deal than '09.  As usual, being the Southerner that I am with no snow experience, I could just see us getting snowed in and not having enough soy milk for the Bean.  So I yanked my husband up and made him risk life and limb to get to the grocery store to stock up.  I told him not to come back home until he had 2 half gallons of Silk or enough soy beans to milk himself.  About ten minutes after I shoved him out the door on this hazardous mission, I wondered if I had done the right thing or if I had just unnecessarily risked the life of the father of my sweet, sweet child.  Then I thought "well, he has a 4-wheel drive and a pair, so he'll be fine".

After her Daddy left, Bean waddled over to the front door and stood there looking out the side window.  Bean, of course, wouldn't remember her first snowfall.  She seemed to be confused at all this white stuff coming down.  I told her it was God's dandruff but then I remembered she doesn't know what dandruff is.  I'll have to save that one for a few years.  She kept pointing and jabbering at all the falling snow.  She was just so fascinated.  She made a circuit from the side window on the door to the window in her room, just pointing and jabbering all the way.  I think she was trying to point out every single snowflake cause you know no two are alike.

After her father made it back home safe and sound, we bundled up the Bean and headed out into the Artic cold to introduce her to the snow.  She objected to the long-sleeved shirt, zipped up sweater hoodie (hoodie pulled up), two pairs of socks, fleece beanie, lined blue jeans, boots, fleeced lined mittens and thick winter coat.  Mostly she was fine until the mittens.  This kid has a thing about her hands.  They can't get too dirty and you can't cover them up.  She has to be able to see them or she'll lose it on you.

I think I now have an inside look on my daughter's "communing with nature" outlook.  I think she's gonna take after her mom.  After about 5 minutes out in the frozen tundra, she was over the white stuff and wanted back inside.  Once we were back inside and warm again and her hands had been liberated, she never pointed to another snowflake the rest of the day.

That's my girl!

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