Monday, March 9, 2009

The movie is never as good.

Yay!  Another year older.  But it beats the alternative, I guess.  I had a good birthday weekend.  It was free of scary birds and I didn't have to change any poopie diapers!  Yay me!

One of the things my husband did for me was to take me to the movies to see my new infatuation, Twilight.  Now I know that it is very, very rare where the movie is as good as the book.  Don't get me wrong - I truly enjoyed an hour and a half of staring at Robert Pattinson.  But I would find myself sitting there changing positions, fidgeting around and saying "humph"and "um hmm" all during the movie.  It got so bad that my husband finally looked at me and said "what in the world are you doing?".  I said "that didn't happen in the book".  I must have said this close to 20 times before the movie was over.  Then on the way home I tried to school my husband in Twilight lore but he wasn't having much of it.  This was his one glorious observation:

"Bella's cute and all but if I were Edward, I would go for Alice cause she is much hotter."

Wait!  That's what you got out of weeks and weeks of me obsessing over this book?!  All the conversations we've had about this subject and you could only come up with that after watching the movie I've been begging and begging to see?

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